November 05, 2023

Building a basic web server from scratch

Build a basic web server from scratch alongwith handling HTTP requests and concurrent requests. (Read more ...)

January 09, 2021

Python Default Arguments Blunder

Sharing a common Python mistake I faced related to mutuable default arguments and how to not make the same mistake. (Read more ...)

July 15, 2020

Running DPDK Forwarding Applications with Pktgen-DPDK

Running DPDK l2fwd, l3fwd, l3fwd-power forwarding applications using pktgen-dpdk as traffic generator with customized flows. (Read more ...)

April 28, 2020

Migrating Jekyll Blog to Gatsby

Steps to migrate Jekyll Blog to Gatsby and deploying Site using GitHub Actions to GitHub Pages. (Read more ...)

July 25, 2018

Alexa Fact Skill

Learning to build a voice user interface is a great skill to have as devices like the Amazon Echo, and Google Home are gaining popularity. Find out more about how to develop a basic fact skill for Amazon Alexa. (Read more ...)