Hi 👋, I'm Mishal Shah, a Software Engineer. I love developing software and like to explore Networks, Databases, Web Security. I strongly believe that technology can make the lives easier and thus keep exploring and learning. I graduated in Computer Science & Engineering from NITK, Surathkal, India.

I've recently joined Cisco as a Software Engineer. In the past, I've been Google Summer of Code Student in 2019, served as a mentor in Google Code-in '19 and mentored a project as a part of GSoC '20 with the ns-3 Organization. I have also interned at IIIT Hyderabad under Prof. Venkatesh Chopella in the summer of 2018.

I have attend some hackathons (Smart India Hackathon 2018, code.fun.do, InOut 6.0) and have lead organized a National Level Hackathon - HackVerse. I love helping the community, reading engineering articles or blogs of various companies/people and try to learn about the Web.

I'm a hard-working, enthusiastic, passionate developer. I also plan to read some books on my reading list. At college, I was part of various community groups. More about my college life here

When I'm not coding or exploring tech, I'm mostly sleeping or spending time with my parents. Other than that, I love playing basketball, eating different dishes and visiting different places.

I started this site to share my personal experiences, learnings and technical knowledge. I'm aiming to expand with more quality content as I learn more.